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Port of Aseri is looking for Investors

The Port of Aseri is registered in the State Port Register of Estonia. Aseri Sadam OÜ and Sweco Projekt developed the port according to the terms of reference in 2015 and it complies with the valid development plan of Viru-Nigula Municipality. The area of the port is 31 hectares and it can be expanded on account of the sea to 70 hectares. The Republic of Estonia issued the coordinates of the water area to the Port of Aseri in 2000 and Viru-Nigula Municipality issued the construction permit for renovation of the berth, which is 300 m long and 80 m wide, according to the preliminary design in 2017. The chief designer of the port is Aavo Raig and the constructive part of the berth was designed by OÜ Estkonsult. The aerial photographs and maps of the Estonian Land Board as well as the hydrographic data accessible via the previous designs prepared at the location were used as the base map of the general plan. The Aseri Seaport was situated at the location of the design before World War II. The Port of Aseri and the Aseri-Sonda railway were built in 1939 in order to create better marketing opportunities for the Meriküla brick factory. The goal of the port was to significantly increase the export of bricks as well as to export timber and agricultural produce. The berths and the railway were destroyed in summer 1944 when the German Army retreated. The Port of Aseri has an excellent location in terms of logistics, as the distance to the eastern border with Russia is 85 km, the distance to Tallinn 125 km, and the ports of Finland are 80 km away. The Wienerberger plant, which is one of the largest biggest brick industries in the world, produces façade bricks and clay tiles at Aseri. The Port of Aseri owns the 8 km railway embankment between Aseri and Sonda, which can be used to build a new railway section to connect to the Tallinn-St Petersburg railway. The Aseri Industrial Park, which owns a 6000 m² production building, is connected to the gas supply system and has a 2 x 630 kW substation that guarantees the connection to power and gas supply systems to the companies operating in the port area, also operates in the area of the Port of Aseri.

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Aseri Industrial Park is located 125 km from Tallinn to Narva in the Lääne-Virumaa, Viru-Nigula Vallas, in the industrial park of Aseri, in the seaside with 1600 inhabitants and a wider employer. The Wienerberger brick workshop employs 80 people. There are 160 children in the school + kindergarten, a music school with 40 children, a sports center, a library , folk house, developed infrastructure, shops.
Aseri people are working at the local companies at the Flexa Workshop, Viru-Nigula sawmill, HK Scan in the meat industry in Rakvere, the Kunda cellulose plant and the port, in the Kiviõli oil industry, Thermory in the wood industry at Rannu Saeveskis
Aseri is logistically located in a very good location along the Tallinn-St. Petersburg road. The distance is 125 km, Narva 85 km, Kiviõli 20 km, Kunda 25 km, Rakvere 30 km, Kohtla-Järve 28 km, Jõhvi 35 km, Sillamäe 55 km

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Main State road (Tallinn-Narva) is located 3 km south from the harbour and it’s connected to harbour via Rannu-Aseri road, Kordoni Street and also new section of connecting road has been designed. New road runs on an old rail causeway for about 600 meters approaching the harbour. General cargo terminal designed into current submerged shore area is divided into two by the railhead and freight station tracks as well as roads parallel to them. To make shortest possible connection to main State road fron the named road network on the cargo wharf, a railway crossing has been designed in the harbour Harbour has two emergency exit roads – west side one connects harbour road network to local roads Aseriaru and Reeskalda. Through those also to Viru-Nigula-Aseri road. East side exit runs parallel to Marshalling yard tracks, joins Aseri borough road network and runs out to Rannu-Aseri road.



Harbour railway joins state railway at Sonda. Sonda station is owned by AS Eesti Raudtee. Station has four tracks ranging from 680 to 893 meters of usable length. Station has centralized dispatching. To join Aseri railway into Sonda station, it is mandatory to ask technical specification of conditions from AS EVR Infra, under what the confluent track and other necessary constructions can be built. A construction project must be carried out to specify how to join harbour track to centralized station infrastructure. In the near past industries in Aseri had railway connection to Sonda so it can be rebuilt onto former causeway.


A detailed plan has been prepared for logistics warehouses and production companies (25 hectares) in the Koogu Industrial Park next to the railway and the Tallinn-St Petersburg Road.

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REGISTERED ADDRESS: Laada 27, Rakvere, 44310 Lääne-Viru county

BUSINESS ADDRESS: Mere 17 Aseri 43401 Lääne-Virumaa

+37256216452 Gaido Kentem, Member of Board

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